Mark Gordon – PhotoArt

Now Showing - At A/NT Gallery July 2-28, 2018 (artist's reception Sat., July 7, 6-9PM).  Two person (Poullos and Gordon) show in South Gallery called "Two Photographers - Double Vision."

                           Arts at the Port Juried Exibition, at the Anacortes (WA) Arts Festival July 28 thru Aug. 5.  "Bird on Antenna" photograph from "Very Modern" series (giclee canvas print, 40"W X 30"H)

                          Folklife juried fine art exhibit in the Seattle Center at A/NT Gallery. My photograph "City Warrior" from "Mannequin" series  (giclee canvas print, 30"W X40"H) on display May 25 thru 28.  

                          At CoCA Gallery, April 26 - May 26, 2018 (opening celebration/reception Thur., May 3, 6 -9PM). Juried show is called "Creativity Persists." 

Recent Shows - Feb. 1-28 (Artist Reception Feb.3), 2018. At AN/T Gallery. Part of 5 person show, "The Collective," in South Gallery. Large prints on canvas and aluminum.  Limited Edition of 1-5 prints depending on photograph.

                         The month of Nov. 2017. At Art/Not Terminal Gallery; 6

abstract photos. Large prints on canvas and aluminum. Limited Edition of 5 only.  

                          The month Sept. 2017. At Art/Not Terminal Gallery; 6 photos from various series. Large prints on canvas, aluminum or paper. Limited Edition of 5 only.  

                          The month of Sept. 2017. 1 photo selected to "Flower and Garden" juried art show at 311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC.

                           The month of August 4-6, 2017.  4 photographs selected to "Unity at the Bemis" juried art show. 

                           The month of March, 2017; At Art/Not Terminal Gallery 

                           The Month of November, 2016; At Art/Not Terminal                                     Gallery

                           The month of September, 2016; At Art/Not Terminal                                   Gallery

                           September 2-4, 2016; 2 photographs selected into Bumbershoot juried art show.

                          September, 2nd thru 27th, 2015; Featured artist at                                   Art/Not Terminal Gallery;Details at

                          Check out "Gallery Pictures" for look at shows 

Biography -  

          I have been doing photography for over 40 years.  I was first intrigued with photography while attending Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y.C.  After being an Army photographer for three years I attended and graduated in commercial photography from the Germain School of Photography, also in N.Y.C.  Following that I moved to Seattle in the early 70's.  I landed a job as an assistant photographer at a photo studio (Photography Northwest).  I became a photographer there and then managed the studio.  In 1989 I was hired by The Bon Marche/Macy’s to start, develop, and manage their in-house studio.  In 2008 I retired.

 Over the years I have taken many photographs, both advertising & commercial work and art/design photography.  I am now spending more time making art/design photographs and managing my work.

I have had a number of shows over the years.  My most recent shows are from the “Mannequins: Head to Toe” series. The mannequin series consists of over 1,000 images.  I find mannequins fascinating from various aspects.  One aspect is that they are very stylistic and unique in their human like features.  They also tell us (me) about ourselves by the way they are dressed and embellished.  Most of all, for me, they make interesting shapes, forms and designs whether in reflection, in part or in whole and in my "reductionism" style.    

I am currently and continually working on other photographic series, shows and images including: Modern/Classic Photographs; Random Energy; Abstract Images.  My "Rductionism" style is a process that I have developed by using certain computer program tools.  My reductionism series includ: Media Lips; Clouds; Birds; Abstractism; Floral; Still Life; Impressionism. 

The way I work/take/make my photographs is to create the image in my eye and lens before capturing (the file).  All the photographs are digital images, un-retouched and minimally cropped (if at all) except for the “Reductionism” series (which I do manipulate to get the desired result).  


            Most of my photographs can be purchased.  They are either in limited eitions of no more than 5 to 25 (all work after January 2013 are in limited editions of 5 only) or the photograph can be purchased as a one-of-a-kind signed art work (the buyer has all rights to the photograph/image) if the photograph has not already been purchased in a limited edition.

             Photographs can be made to any size, on various surfaces (traditional photo papers, canvas, heavy weight bonded paper, aluminum) and with or without frames.

              I am also available for consultation on purchasing my "PhotoArt" for your home, office, building, large or small spaces, multi-photo instillation, etc.

              If interested in buying/priceing or have questions/comments please contact me.  I would love to hear from you.  For contact info see contact page.

Enjoy Viewing!  Mark